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Believing These 5 Myths About What Is Digital Marketing Keeps You From Growing

Definition of Digital Marketing is what is the promotion of a product digital way, that maybe TV, Radio, Email, Social media anything can be called as digital marketing.
Digital marketing sounds very corporate and very easy. Actually it is a Universe. The universe of marketing, where video marketing, Facebook marketing, email marketing,
twitter, Pinterest, etc. Each and every section having its own depth and expertise. Without the proper knowledge, it is very difficult to sustain.

Based on the above content we may have a knowledge of all sections of digital marketing. Becoming an expert in a particular area of marketing takes a good time. So before serving to people, we have to be niched in that. Someone may be an expert in SEO and someone may be in email marketing.

About Marketing

Marketing is an old term to us but the term Digital Marketing was first used in 1990. Then day by day google, yahoo, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, etc and so on other various platforms launched. In this decade we all are well known with all of these platforms. You notice all of them launched with a different purpose to solve the communication and opened a different way to reach the world. Let’s see the expansion of this marketing world.

The above data clearly indicates the growth of the market and the required expertise as well. You must have some knowledge about economics to understand how the market works and how money flows?

Why is the economy is so important?

The economy allows us to survive and thrive. This is a system where the money is not involved and trade done with the exchange of goods. Here I’ll not go in-depth but will mention the importance of the economy.

  • Job Creation
  • Increase tax revenue
  • How to distribute resources?
  • How to achieve social efficiency
  • Give forecasts for the economy
  • Understanding consumer behavior.
  • Industry diversification
  • How to fix the market failure.

The above mentioned are not all the points but good to know the basic understanding.

Now, we are in good shape on an understanding of the importance of digital marketing. To become a good digital marketer you have to be a good marketer first.

Set your goals for the next step

We have understood that there is no difference between traditional and digital marketing. Prepare a goal to reach a potential customer. Without goal and plan cannot reach the targeted destiny.

The same is applicable to your life as well. Having a clear goal of what you want to do and where to want to reach.

Skill you must have

Communication is the skill you have to be master and marketing is another one. No one becomes skilled or masters in one day. But practice makes perfect. To improve skills follow the points mentioned below.

  • Reading more books.
  • Listen to the podcast.
  • Write a lot.
  • Watch English movies etc.

Finding a Niche

Finding a proper working area is very difficult. Sometime it’s required a year to understand that in which area we are doing good.

If you get to know your expertise in a particular area, then it would be your niche. It helps to reach your potential target. Knowledge is required to guide
but the niche is an expertise area where you can go with the flow.

How to choose a niche?

  • First, find inspiration from your interest.
  • Divide the areas as much as possible.
  • Start work which you love.

Building a personal brand is always best. A personal brand helps stand out from the crowd. Through branding, we can build our own community. This helps to get better opportunities.

I have described as much I have taken from DeepakKanakrajuinternship program, understood the essence of digital marketing.

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