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How to protect email account from hackers

This is the most important discussion about how to protect email from hackers? Who else not love to get some free services. Hope more than 90% of people are using free email services. In this century we are connected with everyone in social media or some other ways. Even we use emails for our personal use and official purposes. How many of us are thinking about to protect email from hackers?

    1. Always use strong password

      • Password combination would be capital letter, small letter, numbers, signs
      • Keep changing password periodically. This is a very good habit to protect email. Hackers always try to get password from different ways.
    2. Avoid to use easy password

      Below mentioned samples are getting hacked quickly.

      • 12345
      • qwert
      • password
      • 123123
      • abcdef
      • Use minimum length combination of 10 – 12 example: Absert&^nm(#fd -)
    3. Usage of WiFi

      Please avoid to use free WiFi network, this is a heaven for hackers to get password. Maximum WiFi network may not use proper security system.

Do not share your password

Don’t save your password in a common place like to office document or in a commom place, which is noticiable to everyone.

  1. Phishing Emails or suspicious email

    Phishers regularly send requests email or content that look authentic, however once tapped on, enable them to take your data. Email connections that contain malware are additionally prevalent vessels for digital disorder. The most effortless approach to dodge these tricks is by not tapping the connections or connections. Rather, open another tab, and go to the site of the organization in the email or connection to check whether the data introduced matches the official source. When in doubt, never open connections or download connections from obscure senders. Messages from known senders that contain connections or connections with no setting are additionally awful news.

    This will likewise enable you to get one of the more infamous sorts of phishing messages—the phony secret phrase reset (for instance, “Your record has been undermined! Snap here to reset your login and secret phrase.”) Remember the 2016 Democratic National Convention email spill? It began as a phony secret phrase reset.

  2. Use a strong antivirus

    Using a good antivirus is a good habit. We never be sure always to scan or not to click the suspicious mails. Avast is a very good free software.

  3. Operating system update

    Many times we will get update from laptop’s or desktop’s operating system. We have to accept those updates. These update comes with various patch. This is very important to keep updated your system. Smart phone, gadgets also be keep updated with latest patches.

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